What i should not dispose in the sewage system

The smooth operation of the sewerage system solely depends on its correct usage. For this reason we wish to inform you as to which items are prohibited to be disposed of in the system. The aim is to achieve a trouble free system with the minimum risk of blockages

Storm water and groundwater

Strictly forbidden. Storm water should be channelled to the nearest street gully or to absorption pits, together with groundwater.

Oils and fats

Best practices require that oils and fats be collected in containers and disposed off in the garbage. If large quantities of oils and fats are collected, then grease traps should be installed.


Food should only be disposed off in the garbage.

Baby wipes, diapers and sanitary towels

Should be disposed off in the garbage, so as to prevent sewer blockages.


Sand traps should be installed where large quantities of sand are present (eg. hotels and holiday apartments, car washes)

Paints and other chemical substances

Disposal in the sewerage system is strictly prohibited.