Grease trap inspection – Commercial premises

The following form should be filled in properly by professional establishment owners whenever the maintenance of their grease traps is done and to be sent to Pafos Sewerage Board electronically.

– Grease traps are mandatory for the drainage of kitchens of restaurants, patisseries, bakeries, etc.

– Must be constructed in an accessible area for cleaning and inspection purposes.

– Grease traps must be watertight and mechanical and protected against corrosion. It will be audited by the Council before the Consensus is issued.

– Grease traps must be manufactured and maintained by the owner or possessor of the premises at his own expense.

– Disposal of wastewater from toilets, urinals, baths, showers, inorganic oils (engine oil) or anything other than kitchen sewage is prohibited.

– The grease trap must be ventilated.

– Pipes to and from the grease trap must have a minimum slope of 2%.

They must be of a type and capacity approved by the Council and always maintained in continuous and satisfactory operation in accordance with the plans and operating methods in accordance with sound mechanical practice.

– Cleaning (emptying, rinsing and filling with clean water) should be done every 14 days and at the latest every month, depending on its use, so that there is always room for retention of grease and solids.

– The dimensions and generally their use must be in accordance with the relevant specifications.