How to settle your bill

For the public’s convenience, payment of the charges can be made via the following methods:


  1. At the offices of S.B.P. at Kinyra 23, 8011 Paphos by cheque or by credit card. VISA/MASTERCARD/AMERICAN EXPRESS/UNIONPAY/JCB

Cashier Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00-14:00
2. By post – By sending a crossed cheque payable to “Sewerage Board of Paphos”. The telephone number, the customer number and the reference number should be clearly written on the back of the cheque. The receipt will be sent to the address registered with S.B.P.
 Please do not send cash.
3. Automatic settlement of bills through Banker’s order – Customers who wish to
   participate in the scheme should apply to the Sewerage Board of Paphos
   presenting the IBAN and sign the necessary DIRECT DEBIT. According to the       scheme, bills will be submitted to the respective Bank for settlement. This authorization may be withdrawn or deferred, by notifying the Sewerage Board of Paphos in writing before the due date.
4. Internet – Payments can also be made through the webpage of JCC Payment
   Systems Ltd at the address using your credit card.

Important Note: In case where you have any other property within the boundaries of the S.B.P.  for which you have not paid the outstanding amount,  or you have not  received a bill for the said property, you should  contact  the S.B.P.  as soon as possible giving the details of the Certificate  of Registration (Title Deed) of your property.

According to article 30 (3) (a) of the Sewerage Systems Law of 1971 – (No.2) of 2017, failure to pay the current year’s charges within the given deadline leads to a 5% penalty upon the unpaid amount if this is paid within four months of the payment deadline and to a 15% penalty if this is paid later than four months of the payment deadline.

Immovable property owners who have not received sewerage charge bill statements or require further assistance please contact the accounting office on 26818202, or send an e-mail to