Message from General Manager

Dear fellow citizens,

We welcome you to our new website, which from now on will be the portal of our daily communication, providing you with direct updates and quality service as well as a mean where you can express your views, suggestions and complaints which will enable us to create a constructive two-way relationship.

Our town is going through a lot of changes which aim to make it better in many ways, something that we can witness ourselves every day. This growth potential would be impossible without a functioning sewer system that effectively manages both wastewater and rainwater. Our goal is not only to provide and maintain a healthy environment that will be attractive to both locals and hundreds of thousands of visitors visiting our town each year, but also to ensure that with the proper and efficient wastewater and rainwater management we contribute to the cyclical economy and sustainable development.

Biogas and sludge for energy production, sludge for fertilizer and finally water that after tertiary treatment is used by the Department of Water Development are the by-products derived from wastewater treatment.

Our goal is to constantly improve the services we provide through a rational utilization of our resources. Thank you for your cooperation in co-shaping our area for the benefit of all.

Nikolas Α. Papalos, B.Eng.(Hons), Msc
General Manager
P.O. Box 60474, 8103 Paphos
Tel.: +357 26 818202