General Information

The Paphos Sewerage Board is an Organization under Public Law which was established by the decree of the Council of Ministers no. 616/93 on 28 April 1993 in accordance with the provisions of the Sewerage Systems Law of 1971 until 2020.

The S.B.P is under the Ministry of Interior and is controlled by the Auditor General of the Republic. It is governed by a 29-member Board of Directors and is staffed with a 34-member Service.

The powers, responsibilities and purpose of the Board are defined in the Law on Sewerage Systems no. 1 of 1971 and the Paphos Sewerage Regulations which are approved by the House of Representatives and published in the Official Gazette of the Republic.

The purpose of the Paphos Sewerage Board is to construct, operate and maintain the sewage / stormwater drainage systems as well as their processing and disposal. The Board covers the areas of the Municipalities of Paphos and Geroskipou and the Community Councils of Achelia, Konia, Chloraka, Emba, Lemba and Kissonerga.

The construction works of the sewerage system started in 1999. The phase A of the project was completed and put into operation in the beginning of 2003. The construction of the phase B took place between 2007 -2012 and the areas related to the second phase are put into partial operation.

The financial funding of phases A and B were done via a loan received from the European Investment Bank and the Development Bank of the Council of Europe. Lending is secured with government guarantees.

The sewerage fees for the years 2020 and 2021 were calculated according to the estimated values ​​of each estate that is registered (values ​​of 2018) in the Paphos District Land Registry and which are within the areas that are covered from the Board.