Building Permits

For the following conditions, all the necessary information should be taken and the necessary consultations should be made with the Pafos Sewerage Board.

If the application concerns the issuance of a BUILDING PERMIT

  1. The applicant is to carry out all the necessary procedures for the connection of his building with the central sewerage system, as provided by the Laws and Regulations on Sewerage Systems.
  2. The costs of extending the existing home connection and / or constructing new home connections that may arise to service the project will be paid by the owners.
  3. Submit at the construction stage a study and rainwater management plans of the development for approval by the Pafos Sewerage Board.
  4. Prior to the issuance of the Development Approval Certificate, the applicant must secure the written consent of Pafos Sewerage Board.
  5. If the Public Sewerage System in the area of the requested premises has not been completed and / or is not functioning, the applicant must comply with the terms of the Competent Urban Planning Authority.

For the consent of Pafos Sewerage Board (Building permit) the following should be submitted to the Board upon completion of the works (in electronic form):

-Building Permits

-Property of the plots concerning the building permit

-Hydraulic rainwater management study

-Green card (Consent of connection)