Maintenance of the System

The S.B.P. has the responsibility of the inspection and undertakes the maintenance at regular intervals, of the public sewerage system, the pumping stations and the Sewerage Treatment plant as follows:

1. Cleans and maintains the pipelines in public roads.

2. Responds to emergency calls to deal with possible blockage of pipelines.

3. Checks the proper operation and maintenance of sewers in private premises and especially grease traps and pumping stations.

4. Conducts spraying in public sewerage manholes and pipelines to eliminate cockroaches and rodents.

The connection to the system without securing the written authorization from the S.B.P. (Green Card) is prohibited.

The intervention to the system trough the public pipelines is prohibited.

The retention of the septic and absorption tanks after the connection to the sewerage system is prohibited.

The discharge of the following into the system is prohibited:
• Rainwater 
• Solids, food waste, gums 
• Condoms, sanitary towels
• Coloring substances (paints etc)
• Gasoline, petrol or other flammable substances 
• Toxic or poisonous substances and heavy metals 
• Oils, greases, wax, etc. (fat) 
• Septic sewage e.g. from septic or absorbent tanks
• Waste water or sludge from biological stations